Let’s Get to Work.

When building a new home, the most common question is, “How do we get started?” We cover this question and many others during our initial client consultation. Denlinger & Sons takes pride in providing superior customer service, and that begins with the first meeting. In addition to the rest of our team, Bart and Todd are fully involved with the construction of your home from beginning to end.

Our Process


Every customer’s needs and concerns are addressed during their first meeting. From there, we will guide you every step of the way throughout the construction process.

home building online tool

BuilderTrend Is Your Home Portal.

As we work together, you’ll make many important decisions. We’ll provide you the tools to help make those decisions, including your own web portal with all the details pertaining to your new home. You’ll be able to track the construction schedule, view progress photos, approve change orders and selections, and access important documents. You can also easily communicate with our team 24/7,
no matter where you are!


The design process is where the fun begins! After the initial consultation, Todd and Roger begin designing your home. Once preliminary designs are complete, homeowners will start seeing their home come to life through electronic 3-D modeling, well before construction begins. You will also begin working on their kitchen and bath designs with Terri. As an interior designer by trade, Terri adds a personal and professional touch to all our homes.

After committing to a plan, we’ll provide a personalized specification booklet. This informational document is very specific to the material that will be used in your home’s construction. This comprehensive home guide will also include pictures of plumbing products, cabinet layouts, and an addendum page for any changes made prior to the build. After signing the specifications, we prepare a contract to build your home. From there, your dream home is transferred from a sketch to a beautiful work of art.


Shortly after we begin construction, we will schedule a meeting in our Design Showroom to decide the selections for your home. Our In-House Design Center provides selections ranging from cabinetry and countertops to interior stone, flooring, plumbing fixtures and paint colors all under one roof, making the process easy.

Our design team will also guide you with choosing your color palette. The initial meeting will cover the exterior colors for shingles, siding, brick, stone, etc. Subsequent meetings will cover the interior selections, such as wall color, flooring, cabinets, hardware, light fixtures, appliances, and more. Once selections are made, they are documented in BuilderTrend.


Depending on the location, size, and style of home, our construction timeline is typically 6 to 9 months. During the construction phase, we’ll have a series of on-site meetings with you to review mechanicals, electrical, exterior concrete, interior trim, countertops, etc. No detail goes untended.


Closing day is a time of celebration for our homeowners. Depending on the individual lender used for the construction loan, we typically conduct our closing at the newly completed home. This “closing” consists of the exchange of any remaining payments due to the seller or to the builder. We also conduct another walk-through, instructing you on operational items such as water and gas shut offs, fireplace startup, sump pump information and other basic home operations. We also use this time to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new home.